Anon Questions & Answers :)

Thank goodness! Someone sent me something :D thank you mystery man/unicorn/lady/unspecified/luchador!

1. What is your first and middle name?
Elizabeth Rená (pronounced ruh-nay)

2. Favorite color?
Yellow, but I don’t look good in it.

3. Birth place?
Beale AFB, CA

4. Relationship status?
I’m happily married, and have been since I was 19. We’re going on 3 years in December :)

5. Favorite place?
Anywhere my husband is. As a set place, I love Seattle and I miss my family terribly.

6. Pets or children?
Haha I love how children are like pets- we have a 2 year old kitty named Perseus and a baby girl, Amelia, who is due in a month and a week. Yep, I’m ginormous.

7. Age?
I turned 22 in March.

8. Orientation?
I’m bisexual and married to a man :)

9. Favorite food?
I’m pregnant, ALL the foods!! Lately cheese sticks and black olives.

10. What language is your first?
Scot infested English (Gran was from Glasgow)- I had to go through a couple speech classes to pronounce certain things properly.

Amelia has the cutest little dreams! I know she’s sleeping because of her cycle and the wiggles she gets are adorable and butterfly inducing :)
Dammit baby, get out here and let us love you!